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L1340 - Ardyss Lower Back Support Long Leg Pantie Girdle Style 38

£100.00 £79.95

 This product called Lumbo Woman
Slim down while relieving your back with this lumbar style girdle.

This girdle flattens your abdomen and relieves spinal stress, as well as tense back muscles.


  • Holds, firms and lifts the buttocks
  • Supports your spine and lower abdomen
  • Corrects your posture and prevents lower back pain
  • Slip-on girdle

Additional Product Information

  • Available in White only
  • Available in sizes 2Xsmall to 2XLarge

Manufactured by Ardyss

The products does not include the featured bra

Estimated Delivery lead time - approximately 2 - 3 weeks

WARNING: Consult your physician prior to use if you are subject to back,
neck, circulatory or other conditions that may be exacerbated by the use
of this product.